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Music Millennium WaveSauce ad Willamette Week - January 4, 2017 Music Section: [SPY-FI] Local quartet WaveSauce is an instrumental act that sounds like the appropriate house band for a Coney Island fun house. Mixing surf rock with healthy helpings of pure kitsch, the band comes off like the soundtrack to both a '60s espionage film and a sandy Southern California picnic. The band's 2014 record, Stop Go!, is built around the use of the theremin, an instrument producing wavy, oscillating frequencies famously cloaked in cinematic fog. For WaveSauce, it adds a healthy amount of weird to its '60s-pop core. Mark Stock
Music Millennium WaveSauce ad Willamette Week - August 26, 2015 Upcoming In-Store Performances at Music Millennium calendar ad.
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by SP Clarke "Stop Go!" Album Review by SP Clarke, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Read this entertaining, fun, stellar writeup of our debut album "Stop Go!". Great review, great read. Check it out!
Storm Surge of Reverb Storm Surge of Reverb, hosted by Hunter King, New Orleans - November 12, 2014, new release write-up.
Surf Guitar logo Our press release hit front page news on and
Stop Go! WaveSauce "Stop Go!" - November 4, 2014, debut album available now on CD Baby or iTunes. Album Release Party December 5th at the Analog Cafe | read more
Monster Kid Radio Monster Kid Radio - October 22, 2013, Episode 040 - Features "Black Cat Strut" as the opening and closing song.
Positively Entertainment September 4, 2013 mention: Positively Entertainment "Strange Tones CD release party promises gala event at Bossanova" WaveSauce opening set.
Sad Man's Tongue

February 18, 2013 by " The Coffin Daggers" - Incognito Music Magazine's WaveSauce mention within text.

Roctober Magazine Roctober Magazine - Feb 6, 2013
"pdx a go-go — making waves up north"
"Portland gets a lot of jibs and jibes these days for all the this and that the town has to offer, but you rarely hear folks celebrate what the place really knows how to deliver: instrumental surf rock!...This is one super surf comp that's not all wet!" Read on
Incognito Music Magazine Review by Incognito Music Magazine
Surf Music Sunday, Jan 27, 2013
"Themusic of WaveSauce is like the soundtrack for a movie about a surfing spy…directed by Ed Wood..." Read more
WRUR Whole Lotta Shakin Boss 50 Countdown Whole Lotta Shakin's 2012 BOSS 50 Countdown, WRUR 88.5 FM
PDX A Go-Go — Making Waves Up North comes in at #41. Cool. The list
Surfline video with WaveSauce COLUMBO SWITCHES IT UP Jesse Columbo brings back an aerial original — the passion pop.
Shot by Guerin Myall
Music: WaveSauce; Phantom Strut
A Day at the Beach, KCR Radio, Clint Beachwood November 1, 2012 Radio Play: A Day at the Beach – From KCR Radio - Die Laughing.
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by SP Clarke CD Review by SP Clarke, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - "PDX A Go-Go - Making Waves Up North". Great review and historical surf music references. Check it out!
WRUR Radio August 25, 2012 Whole Lotta Shakin', Mike Murray - Radio Play, Die Laughing.
PDX A Go-Go Compilation Surf CD

"PDX A Go-Go - Making Waves Up North"
Miscellaneous online mentions and reviews:
- Music Street Journal
- Fly PR
- Hell Hound Music
- Punk Globe

PDX A Go-Go Compilation Surf CD "PDX A Go-Go - Making Waves Up North"
NEW compilation CD featuring tracks from five Portland, Oregon area bands. WaveSauce offers two tracks; Phantom Strut and Die Laughing. CD also features Susan SurfTone, The Outer Space Heaters, The Surf Weasels, and Shade 13. Available soon on CDBaby. Visit the PDX A Go-Go site for complete information, band bios, and press images.
KBOO The Monday Sampler February 20, 2012
WaveSauce live on KBOO Community Radio.
WaveSauce Live in Studio Part 1
WaveSauce Live in Studio Part 2
WaveSauce Live in Studio Part 3
Good Bad Ugly article and review

Review: WaveSauce at BYTE ME 2012
January 21, 2012. Article by SP Clarke of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Blogs on
Read, like, comment, and share >>

YouTube Video by SP Byte Me 2012 New WaveSauce video from Byte Me 2012. Filmed live on January 6, 2012. Posted by BukoTV.
Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag logo January 9, 2012 - Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag, Podcast Show. Episode 342 song #8 Phantom Strut.
Shrunken Head Lounge image October 2, 2011 - Shrunken Head Lounge, Surf Music Radio. Show 13 Part 1, song #7 Black Cat Strut. Very cool radio show with Noodles!
Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag logo

October 1, 2011 - Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag podcast play, Episode 326, song #4
Black Cat Strut.

Musical Yarns from the Counterculture logo August 31, 2011 -  Musical Yarns from the Counterculture radio play. Episode 25
Lost Semaphore - Live 2011
WaveSauce tee-shirt

Exciting News!
You can get our new WaveSauce tee-shirts at any of our shows. Fitted guys and gals black tee, complete with our WaveSauce logo. PLUS, We just added an online store where you can get all the same stuff... Check it out.

Limelight Benefit - Chris Haberman Mural Benefit for Japan Aid- The Limelight, Thursday, April 14, 2011. We raised $2967 (with more still trickling in) and had a great time while doing so - Special Thanks to Chris Haberman, Pale Blue Sky, WaveSauce & Yumi Burghart for making it such a fun and successful event - Cheers!
Amanda Nelson, The Limelight
Clint Beachwood, KCR logo March 18, 2010 -  A Day at the Beach Radio Play
Black Cat Strut  
Sundown Lounge October 23, 2009 - Sundown Lounge Radio Play
Mosquito Serenade
Shameless Productions logo

WaveSauce interview with Cara Cottingham, KOUG Radio / podcast on KOUG Radio, Washington State Univ. with our lovely host, Cara Cottingham. October 9, 2009.

Listen now>>

Tsunami Soul Surf, Radio, and more January 20, 2009 - Tsunami Soul Radio Play, Black Cat Strut
Tsunami Soul Surf, Radio, and more January 13, 2009 - Tom Hinders with Tsunami Soul played Mosquito Serenade on WOBC 91.5 FM, Oberlin, OH. Tom also added our link to his Tsunami Soul surf music list. Thanks Tom.
WayneCrazyTrain Show icon

January 5, 2009 - The WayneCrazyTrain Show, West Virginia. Episode "A Look at the New Year". Played Mosquito Serenade as Theme Song (9:55).

podsafe music network

December 22, 2008 - Dalecast played Black Cat Strut. Dalecast is a Podcast daily show from Frosterley in Weardale, United Kingdom. Program number 455 (6:50).

Clint Beachwood, KCR logo

December 11, 2008 - Radio Play, Lost Semaphore.

Clint Beachwood, KCR logo

November 27, 2008 - Radio Play, Mosquito Serenade.

Clint Beachwood, KCR logo

September 25, 2008 - Radio Play, Lost Semaphore.

Clint Beachwood, KCR logo

September 18, 2008 - WaveSauce received our first radio play thanks to Clint Beachwood, "A Day at the Beach", KCR College Radio in San Diego. Clint played Pipeline.