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Instrumental music offering the unique sounds of the Theremin.

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About the band

WaveSauce, an instrumental band offering the unique sounds of the Theremin.

Thereminist, Michele "Cookie" Heile and guitarist, Pete Vercellotti formed WaveSauce, as a surf duo, in the Spring of 2007. Now, a dynamic 4-piece, adding Joel Boutwell on bass guitar and Doug Powers on drums, WaveSauce delivers unique, original songs, plus a few cool standards.

The ethereal Theremin, vintage guitar tone, and powerful rhythm makes this band edgy and surreal – setting them apart from the rest. WaveSauce is sure to intrigue. 

Influenced by Davie Allan, Man or Astro-man?, The Ventures, The Seeds, Jerry Cole, Devo, 60s B-rated hotrod, horror, and scifi films.

Places we've played

Events: PCC Foundation Gala, PICA Rooftop Surf Party, Tiki Kon, KBOO Monday Sampler, Byte Me, Adult Soapbox Derby, Jake The Alligator Man, Rust-O-Rama, Rose City Roundup, Billetproof NorthWest, Beer Can Open Golf Tournament, The Big Shindig, Centaurpalooza, Hollywood Vintage events, Limelight events, Scream at the Beach, Lone Fir Cemetery's Tour of Untimely Departures Halloween Party.

Venues: Music Millennium, Analog Cafe, White Eagle, The Cider Mill, The Sandy Hut, The Starday, Hollywood Babylon, Duff's Garage, Bossanova Ballroom, Katie O'Brien's, Club 21, Thatch Tiki Bar, Launch Pad Gallery, Ella Street Social Club, Kelly's Olympian, Jack London Bar, Goodfoot Lounge, Plan B, The Know, Tonic Lounge, Twilight Cafe, East End, Mt. Tabor Theatre, Hawthorne Theatre, Slab Town, Ash Street Saloon, Ground Kontrol.

Bands we've played with

The Apollo Four, the Cool Whips, The Quags, Wigs on Fire, The Strange Tones, The Del-Rods, Outer Space Heaters, The Planet Crashers, Aloha Screwdriver, The Verbtones, Susan SurfTone, Surf Weasels, King Ghidora, The Protons, The Primitive Idols, Pale Blue Sky, The Splash Downs, Thee Swank Bastards, DJ Drew Groove, DJ Dirtynick, DaiKaiju, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Razorblades, The Notches, The Volcanos, Retroactive Gamma Rays, Juke Joint Gamblers, Honky Tonk Union, Don and the Quixotes, Banzai Surf, The Satin Chaps, Les Etrangers, Mars Needs Women, Floating Pointe, The Tanked, Twangshifters, Cherry City Deadbeats, Orca Team, Hammerhead Tsunami | more

What people say

Just out! Fantastic write up of the band and our new album "Stop Go!"
by SP Clarke, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Buko Magazine. | read it now!


  • "[SPY-FI] Local quartet WaveSauce is an instrumental act that sounds like the appropriate house band for a Coney Island fun house. Mixing surf rock with healthy helpings of pure kitsch, the band comes off like the soundtrack to both a '60s espionage film and a sandy Southern California picnic. The band's 2014 record, Stop Go!, is built around the use of the theremin, an instrument producing wavy, oscillating frequencies famously cloaked in cinematic fog. For WaveSauce, it adds a healthy amount of weird to its '60s-pop core."
    Mark Stock, Willamette Week
  • "...The music of WaveSauce is like the soundtrack for a movie about a surfing spy…directed by Ed Wood. The theremin gives it a spacy quality while the guitar provides the surf sound as well as a sound like you might hear in a black and white 60s spy movie..."
    incognitomusicmagazine.com, Incognito Music Magazine: Surf Music Sundays
  • "When you hear them, the instrumental turf they tread is pretty obvious. Other citations, such as Dick Dale, The Ventures, Devo, Clara Rockmore and Leon Theremin, are totally appropriate in an attempt to capture a description of the nuances of their sound. ... It really is a weird musical world in which we dwell ... I can actually understand the relationships of those references and I think they define the parameters of this band quite precisely. In other words: Wow!"
    SP Clarke, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Buko Magazine
  • "The energy your music portrays is awesome truly awesome."
  • "Fuck Radiohead, @WaveSauce has the best use of the Theremin ever seen! Best thing to happen to #surfmusic since Man or Astroman."
    Audio Gasoline
  • "...spooktacular and eerie elements that lean towards a Munsters vibe, as showcased onWaveSauce's "Phantom Strut," the laid back sci-fi B-movie soundtrack Theremin instro..."
    Forces of Geek


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